A new way to manage enterprises.

Become a positive leader: nowadays, enterprises and organizations face great challenges in their management. A fast-changing and uncertain environment and inter-generational coexistence requires different leadership skills than the ones in the past. We usually focus on developing competencies that individuals do not have, but enhancing the strengths is a new approach that has demonstrated extraordinary results.


An alumni from the Master's in Positive Leadership becomes a leader that generates results for the organization through:

1. Selecting tools to increase well-being and happiness of the work teams, appropriate to the organizational needs.
2. Positive influence in the team and organizational work atmosphere.
3. Generating creative and innovative solutions to provide better results.
4. Creating significant and positive work relations with their team members.
5. Communicating key messages in a positive way, using supportive communication styles and has the tools to solve interpersonal conflicts.
6. Seeks that people who collaborate in the organization may feel part of a job that goes beyond daily chores, generating engagement.
7. Having a high level of objectivity in analyzing changing contexts and with limited information.

The Master program is offered in a mixed modality: face-to-face classes once a month (Friday and Saturday) and online work during the rest of the years. We have two locations: Mexico City and Monterrey.

Graduate Profile:

Guidelines and practical models to implement positive cultural changes in the organization.
Well-being and happiness tools based on scientific knowledge.
Access to innovations in well-being management topics, through practices applied immediately.
Real application experiences shared by internationally recognized faculty such as: Kim Cameron, Margaret Greenberg, Oriana Tickell, Marisa Salanova, among others.
Interventions guided by the Master's in Positive Leadership team that enable the student to carry out processes in their enterprise.
Academic resources supported by experts from the Institute for Happiness Sciences.

Mode Presence-based: with a weekly three-hour frequency.
The topics are reviewed in the sessions and experiential exercises carried out.
On line: a topic is reviewed every week. Participation in forums, wikis and synchronic sessions with the Instructor are included.

First four-month period
1. Scientific Study of well-being
2. Well-being Models
3. Positive Leadership
4. Positivity and Positive Relationships
Second four-month period
1. Research Methods
2. Goals and sense of life
3. Project applied to organizations I Third four-month period
1. Social Well-being
2. Positive Organizational Models
3. Project applied to organizations II
4. Positive practices and organizational interventions
General requirements for admissions are:

  • Professional Degree (Bachelor Degree)
  • Letter of Intent for admission.
  • Acceptance Letter
  • Admission application
  • Aprobar una entrevista individual.
  • Official Documents: Birth certificate, CURP, requirements for foreign students.*
  • These requirements must be delivered by the applicant in Admissions at Campus Ferrería (Mexico City) or Campus Las Torres (Monterrey).


    Get in contact with us by phone: 899 301 2424 or

    email: mlp@servicios.tecmilenio.mx

    *RVOE 20160669 MLP-Ferrería.

    In Mexico city this program is being held in Torre Mayor, Club Piso 51.

    *This master's degree is an academic program that develops competencies based on the personal development of the participants. This is NOT a therapeutic program; nor does it accredit the graduate to provide counseling, therapy or personal consultation to third parties.