The Seminar on Positive Psychology Fundamentals is an academic program through which you will learn the basic principles for promoting well-being proceeding from the scientific basis of Positive Psychology.

In addition, as a student in this program, you will learn about the latest developments in the field, and will develop the necessary strategies and resources for their application at a personal and professional level.

This will enable you to acquire new transforming perspectives you will be able to apply in your work environment, your professional education plan, and your personal life.

1. This seminar is the first step in order to continue with the next modules.

2. After concluding the Seminar on Positive Psychology Fundamentals, you will have the knowledge and skills in order to:

  • Achieve a flowing condition.
  • Identify and enhance your character strengths.
  • Build positive relationships.
  • Define punctual goals and establish how to achieve them

  • 3. After finishing the first Seminar, you will be able to continue with your education in Positive Psychology, specializing in:

  • Positive Education
  • Positive Organizations.
  • Positive Family and Relationships
  • General requirements for registration are:

  • CV
  • Letter of Intent
  • Telephone interview

  • **These requirements must be sent by the applicant to the campus coordinator where he/she is interested in taking the seminar.